Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The week before Christmas

I have been on leave from my day job all week and have found it quite liberating. Not only have I managed to complete most of my self appointed tasks, as well as the little extra's that popped up after a weekend's riding; new rear tyre, new barkbusters, and home made tail tidy after the OEM rego plate holder came loose. I have also managed to complete at least a few of the tasks set by the command authority, and get her Christmas presents as well. The ones instructed me to get and the ones I bought when I had clear instructions not to use my initiative.

I have found the week liberating in other ways, no mad rush to do any shopping, getting out and about when everyone else is working is a great feeling. More importantly I am pretty rested, which is pretty unusual for me at the this time of the year and I am going to have a good long break.

I was going to write about some interesting things I had seen this week or done. I did get caught behind a woman in convertible the other day who decided to stop in an admittedly slow stream of traffic and put the soft top up. Probably so she could start texting without anyone being the wiser. Texting being the number one cause of accidents on our roads so I am led to believe.

I also manged to get out and road test the new rear tyre and do a few more km's on my bike.

As I navigated to the blog from my Facebook page it struck me again how my blog and books seem popular in what I would consider unusual parts of the world considering I am a white middle aged, middle class male, of centre right political views, writing science fiction with a distinctly kiwi flavour. Though, any of the current crop of American Republican Presidential campaigners and their media cheer leaders would consider my views somewhere to the left of of Lenin.

For reasons that are beyond me my blog gets more hits from Brasil, Italy, and Spain and the Skid Chronicles Facebook page is popular in India. If I could work out how this happened I would no doubt be wealthier than I am today and my novels would be selling in the tens of thousands and not just the tens.......

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