Friday, 18 February 2011

Eating well out West

We are eating out again and eating well out West. I get a hard time for living out west - some of it from people who live in one of those flash suburbs out East, places like Otara East. People in glass houses should not throw stones I reckon.

Whatever anyone says about the west and the perception that we are all black T shirt wearing bogans or our woman all have hairy legs and wear vegetarian fibre cardies there are actually some pretty decent places to eat and drink out this way.

Historically the wine industry in this part of the world was kick started by Dalmation immigrants once they had retired from the gum fields. The story goes that they couldn't stand the slop the my ancestors were drinking and started to grow grapes. Most likely the guys that started growing grapes around here were too clever to get involved in shagging around with their gumboots getting full of mud in the gumfields in the first place.

Tony's was established almost 30 years ago in Henderson-one of the first if not the first decent eatery in this part of the world. In recognition of the legacy of vineyards in the area Tony's was originally known as Tony's Vineyard Restaurant.

While it is a bit rustic and looking a bit tired Tony's seems to be quite popular with the locals. The reason being they stick to their knotting and and do a decent basic steak meal. The service is ok, though we had to wait a while for our first drink order.

Since the last time were there the menu has been upgraded but the basics of a good big steak remain.

Always a good place for a feed but for some reason last night we both felt a bit rushed though we both left feeling extremely full and satisfied.

Edsel Street, Henderson

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