Friday, 26 November 2010

South Head Trail Ride November 2010

One of the reasons that I started this blog was to pen stories about the rides I have been on. I have had vague ideas of somehow making money out of the video we take at our rides (with a spectacular lack of success so click on an add to help me out) and a blog of the rides seemed like a good idea to support this scheme.

Problem is that I am long past my prime in terms of my riding ability and while people are quite chuffed to see themselves blasting past me on a You Tube clip they aren't as keen to pay for the pleasure of watching some older dudes cruising around the track and making fools of themselves.

There is also a lot of competition in this area of the new economy. There are plenty of faster riders, and better writers and videographers than me supplying the world with video and copy.

Not to worry, I like writing. If life had worked out differently then I might even have become a a real writer. My grammar and sentence structure would have had to improve. Heaps. I also get a lot of satisfaction out of the short movie clips that I make and I have a small You Tube following that also seemed to like watching them.

It seems a long time ago now but in mid September I bought the WR300 and proceeded to give my knee a good wrench on our first outing. If you have read some of my other posts or watched some of my video clips you'll have seen that I have been out on it again and bought myself a flash pair of knee braces to boot.

I would have done some more riding but for most of the past six weeks I have also struggled to get over a cold which has made life pretty miserable. Not only was walking a mission for a few weeks but I have been feeling bloody grotty as well.

I got pretty run down I think after rooting my knee. A combination of the fact that I couldn't get any sleep because it was so sore, worry that I had really stuffed it properly this time, and that the new bike could possibly sit idle for months in the garage. Also because I manfully and stupidly didn't slow down on the rehab and general fitness work. And work, the work that pays the bills. Despite feeling pretty grotty of course I kept going to work.

But I digress sort of. On one of my better days several weeks ago I went up to the South Head trail ride organised by the team from Endless Dirtbiking.

This was the second ride proper on the new bike and the first with the new braces. I don't count a blat around the bikepark. This would be a decent test for the knee.

The team set out a great ride with some challenging 'expert' sections most of which I avoided for the sake of my knee. There were plenty of new tracks cut through recently cleared or freshly planted pines and some of the more mature trees for the large number of riders that turned up for the ride. I managed a few loops as a sweep and even managed to help rescue a guy who had probably broken his collarbone.

The knee was a bit tender afterwards but I don't think I did anymore damage. I'm now waiting for the meds to kick in to fix my cold that seems to have taken a turn for the worst - then I can unleash the beast on some different terrain.

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